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Recruitment Firm &
HR Solution Provider

Pasona Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Japanese recruitment firm and HR solution provider in Singapore with over 35 years of experience.
Our team of experienced professionals stays at the forefront of industry trends and developments, ensuring that our clients have access to the latest information and strategies for success, growing their businesses.

Recruitment Agency in Singapore


Recruitment Agency Singapore. HR Solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.

Misaki Morimura (Sugakawa)

Pasona Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Managing Director

Long-seller over Best-seller. Being a reliable company.

As people’s demands for work and work styles become more diverse, many people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their human resources.

The need to engage in open and constructive discussions with each and every employee is becoming more and more crucial. We sometimes hear comments from local job seekers such as, “What you do is important, but who you work for and with, and in what kind of environment is also just as important.”

Many of our clients have told us, “I feel relieved and at ease when I consult Pasona.” These words are what makes us feel the significance of our presence.

We would like to continue to be a trusted total HR solution provider in Singapore, while we support you through your challenges and grow together with you and your company. Thank you for your continuous support.

  Company Information

  • Corporate Name

    Pasona Singapore Pte. Ltd. 

  • Address


  • Employment Agency Licence


  • Managing Director

    Misaki Morimura (Sugakawa)

  • Areas of Business

    Permanent Placement (local and multilingual talents), Contract & Temporary Staffing (within Singapore), Drafting, Reviewing and Revising of Employment Handbook, LOA and Re-employment Contract, HR Consulting, Talent Development, Training, Coaching, Uchida-Kraepelin Performance Test, HR Outsourcing (Payroll), Talent Development, Training and Coaching, Translation, Interpretation, HR System and Performance Management, Outplacement

  Pasona Singapore's Strengths

Total HR Solution Provider

We strive to provide a comprehensive range of HR services that are tailored to meet each client’s business needs.

Multilingual Talants

We have a strong pool of multilingual candidates including but not limited to Japanese, Mandarin and Korean speaking talents.

Strong Overseas Network

Extensive network spanning 13 countries across the world for your overseas placement and global talent acquisition needs.

Pasona Group

Providing Solutions to Society's Problems

Ever since its founding, Pasona Group has promoted diversity based on a clear and transparent corporate philosophy of
 "Providing Solutions to Society's Problems." The group has built various forms of social infrastructure enabling anyone to freely select the jobs they like and gain opportunities to work.

  Sustainability at Pasona Group

Based on Pasona Group's Corporate Philosophy, Pasona Group will contribute toward building a sustainable society by fulfilling the "Smart Life Initiative" that creates lives of abundance for people. 

Recruitment Agency Singapore. HR Solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.
Recruitment Agency Singapore. HR Solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.
Recruitment Agency Singapore. HR Solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.

  Pasona's Global Network

Recruitment Agency Singapore. HR Solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.

Pasona Group provides comprehensive HR support around the world. Through centralized management of HR information from countries especially those in Asia and North America, we support the HR strategies of Japanese companies on the global stage.

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We are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team of experts
dedicated to making a difference in the world of Recruitment and HR.

Career Opportunities where employees can learn and be ambitious!

Become part of our team which encourages learning and rewards ambition.
We are always on the lookout for new colleagues who
are willing to grow with us and increase the value of our services.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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With Pasona’s corporate philosophy of “Solutions to Society’s Problems”
Pasona Group has been a social solutions company dedicated to its mission of assisting all aspects of life for people around us.
Find more about Pasona Group.

Pasona Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a recruitment firm and HR solution provider in Singapore with experience over 35 years.

We provide various HR-related services including placement, staffing services, training, outsourcing, and HR consultation etc.
Pasona’s headquarter is based in Japan with a strong network of 15 countries and 59 other oversea branches across the world.

Position Title: Recruitment Consultant

Working Location: A hybrid of work from home and working at the office (under the current Covid-19 measures).
Office Location: Raffles Place (city area)
Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm
Salary: Monthly Basic Salary (negotiable) +Commission +AWS

Summary of the role:

  • You will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with both clients and candidates.
  • Your role requires to source potential candidates through various channels, interviewing, screening, and referring candidates for clients’ job openings for successful placements.  
  • As a professional consultant, you will provide specialist advices such as job market information and proposing recruitment strategies to add value to our clients’ human capital.
  • Medical Benefits 
  • Mobile Allowance S$50/month 
  • Annual Leave 14 days/year (max 20 days)
  • Medical Leave 14 days/year 
  • Bonus – AWS 
  • Commission 
  • On-boarding orientation & training 

We are excited to hear from you!