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Temporary Staffing Service

  Our Temporary Staffing Service

Our temporary staffing solutions aim to help clients in Singapore having manpower issues by introducing suitable candidates and providing administrative support such as payroll and leave management. 

Whether it is for full-time, part-time, or one-time temporary staffing, Pasona Singapore offers a full range of temporary staffing services, from administrative positions to highly skilled technical personnel, to solve your workforce challenges. 

No need to prepare Employment Contract

We will prepare the contract,
there is no need for the client to prepare an employment contracts.

Payroll and CPF submission

We will handle payroll calculation and
CPF submission for temporary staff.

As an expense, not a labor cost.

Temporary staffing costs are generally treated as an expense, not a labor cost, so even when manpower is needed during peak periods, you will get support without increasing labor costs.

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Clients who have come to us for temporary staffing found solutions for the following situations:

For Interpreter & Event Promoter

Pasona Singapore can introduce promotional assistants and interpreters of various levels at exhibitions and business meetings, and coordinate up to the day of the event.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Although there is no dispatch law in Singapore, temporary staffs are subject to the Employment Act, thus temporary staffs who work for more than three months are subject to legally mandated benefits such as annual leave and sick leave. As with full-time employees, we ask companies to provide the welfare benefits. 

*If the contract period is less than 3 months, the provision of benefits is left to the discretion of the company.

*As Pasona, we are not able to introduce those who require work passes as a temporary staff.

There are no specific legal requirements regarding the length of the contract, so you can set the length of the contract as needed. In many cases, we consider one-time (from 1 day), short-term (less than 3 months), and long-term staffing of 6 months to 1 year. (Extension or renewal of the term is also possible.)

If both the client and the temporary staff agree to a direct hire, it is possible to switch to an employment. In this case, our original placement services fees will be required.

Bonus payments are optional, but in many cases, Completion Bonus is paid after the expiration of the contract period in order to prevent the risk of leaving for a permanent job after joining the company.

Recruitment Service

Pasona Singapore's representatives will listen to your company's requirements, and
we will introduce the most suitable talent who can play an active role in your company.

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