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Uchida-Kraepelin Performance Test

  What is Uchida-Kraepelin Performance Test?

The Uchida-Kraepelin Performance Test is a proven aptitude test from Japan with a history of over 90 years and counting. Annually, over 700,000 people take the test and it is currently used in 15 countries outside of Japan, mainly in Asia.

Pasona Singapore is the sole distributor of the Uchida-Kraepelin performance test in Singapore. Our clients utilise Kraepelin test for the following purposes:

To measure work behaviour

It is a test that measures work behaviour by comprehensively assessing the examinee’s capacity and personality/behavioural characteristics based on the results of a simple one-digit addition.

Why not a web-based test?

By having the examinee continuously do the addition of numbers on paper, the brain is constantly being made to work and will hence experience physical stress. This allows us to see the response patterns of each individual examinee and the characteristics that the examinee may not even be aware of. 

No influence by language

Since Uchida-Kraepelin performance test is not based on words but on numbers, the results are not dependent on language ability or interpretation of the questions, nor will they be influenced by the examinee’s intentions and possible desire to manipulate the outcome. 

In Uchida-Kraepelin performance test, examinees are asked to add single digits in a line and to begin a new line every minute for a total of 30 minutes.

The first half of the test is 15 minutes and the examinee will be given a 5 minute break. The second half of the test is another 15 minutes. 

Based on the overall calculation volume (workload), the change in calculation volume per minute (work curve), and calculation errors, the test comprehensively measures work behavior based on the examinee’s ability, their personality and behavioral characteristics.

  Do you know the Aesop story of “The Hare and the Tortoise”?

As the story of the Hare and the Tortoise goes,  the “work” process of a running race reveals the difference between the hare and the tortoise. 

The way they perform the task (running race) reveals their “ability” and “personality”.

Uchida-Kraepelin performance test uses the performance of addition (=running race) to determine the examinee’s ability (= running speed) and characteristics of action (= running style).

Uchida-Kraepelin performance test allows you to understand a person's behavioural characteristics, and their personality in the way they perform their tasks at work.
Thus, this test is not intended to determine whether a person's behavioural characteristics are good or bad.

By knowing the personality of each individual, management can put the right person in the right place, understand each person's characteristics, and maximise the organisation's potential.

  How to Use in Different Situations


As a Supplementary Tool in Recruitment

Some of our clients utilize the Uchida-Kraepelin performance test as part of their hiring process, similar to cases where employers administer specific tests or request presentations during interviews,

*Regardless of whether Pasona Singapore is sourcing for the role or not, we are able to provide the test as a standalone service. 

Recommended for companies that are:


As a Tool for Organizational Diagnosis

What kind of talents does your organization have? Do you have a structure that makes the most out of the characteristics of each and every employee?

By having existing employees take the test, the results will provide important insights that can be used for human resource planning and organizational management. Understanding the characteristics of your existing employees is the key to identifying the personnel that your organization lacks. This information will be beneficial for your next recruitment so that you can maximize the potential of your organization.

Recommended for companies that are:


As a Tool for Wellness Check Ins

Uchida-Kraepelin performance test is an aptitude test originally developed in the field of psychiatry, thus, the test can also be used as a form of wellness check in for employees.

Existing employees can take the test at the time of organizational diagnosis, and the company can be notified if there are any concerns surrounding the well-being of the employees. The employee may be working too hard without knowing that it is severely affecting their mental health, so it is advisable to take action when employees sound out through measurable means and promote healthy working conditions. 

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