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Talent Development, Training, Coaching

Training to Develop Talents

From the perspective of “talent development" we will support Japanese companies facing challenges in Singapore.

Pasona Singapore supports talent development through a variety of training programs. Based on our extensive experience in training programs, we are able to meet the needs of our clients by creating training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each company.

There are two training programs:


Public Training Program

ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program for local employees is a training program held jointly by Precena Strategic Partners and Pasona Singapore. This program helps local employees rise up to the challenge and learn essential core skills.

  Customized Training Program

Pasona Singapore’s sales team will actively listen and comprehend the challenges your company is encountering in talent acquisition and organizational development. They will then customize a training program that precisely addresses your company’s specific needs.


Training for All Employees

  • Professional manners 
  • Presentation skills
  • Solution sales training 
  • Compliance training
  • Harassment training
  • Team building, etc.



Training for Management and Leaders

  • Leadership training 
  • Management training
  • Evaluator training
  • ASEAN Regional training
  • Coaching for management staff and director, etc.



Training for Employees who are new in Singapore

  • On-boarding training(Overview of Singapore and cross-cultural communication)
  • Cross-cultural communication training (Singapore ver.).                      

  Features of Customized Training

Level-based Training Plans

We can provide customized training together with experienced trainers in various fields.

Domestic and International Instructor Network

We can provide customized training together with experienced trainers in various fields.

Various languages are Available

Depending on your company's needs, trainings can be held in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

  Do you have these challenges?

We would like to do something for existing employees for talent development or employee retention, but are not sure what sort of training or activities would be appropriate. We want to first receive consultation.

We would like to plan and implement a customized training program targeting solutions to our company's challenges.

We would like to work with an experienced trainer who also understands the local market information of Singapore to be in charge of the training.

  Case Study of Training

CASE 01.

CASE 02.

CASE 03.

Public Training Program

There are companies that want to provide training for their employees, but does not have enough number of employees to organize a training. Pasona Singapore together with Presena Strategic Partners hold an public training program on one subject for one person from each company.

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