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HR News Update – June 2024

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Latest Updates on MC issuance via Teleconsultation

This month’s newsletter features the most recent updates on the issuance of medical certificates.

Additionally, we delve into essential HR subjects, including the significance of workplace fairness for SMEs, methods to tackle stress and burnout among frequent travelers, and the increasing adoption of pay transparency in Singapore firms.

Lastly, we highlight Pasona Group’s introduction of Cartilage Conduction Technology for the workspaces of tomorrow within Pasona Natureverse at Expo 2025.

Changes to Medical Certificates via Teleconsultations

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is reviewing rules for MCs issued through teleconsultations. Some employers reported concerns about MCs being granted without proper check-ups.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Doctors must now properly assess patients before issuing an MC via teleconsultation.
  • MCs should include the doctor’s name and registration number.
  • Clinics issuing MCs anonymously may face penalties.

This ensures legitimate MCs and protects employee health.

Source: (

The Case for Workplace Fairness – Why SMEs should Care

Fair treatment boosts motivation and engagement, leading to more productive employees, say experts from TAFEP. Fair practices, like non-discriminatory hiring and transparent performance management, are essential for all businesses, including SMEs.

Key Benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity: Fair treatment can boost employee performance by up to 26%.
  2. Better Morale: Formal grievance processes prevent conflicts and enhance teamwork.
  3. Talent Attraction: Fair workplaces attract and retain top talent, reducing turnover by up to 27%.
  4. Cost-Effective HR Solutions: Utilize fractional HR or train existing staff to handle HR tasks.

Bottom Line: Prioritizing fairness fosters sustainable growth and a positive work environment.

Source: (


Addressing Stress and Burnout in Frequent Business Travelers: Employers’ Role in Supporting Mental Wellbeing

Business travel is a common aspect of many professions, yet it often brings significant stress and burnout, especially for frequent travellers.
A recent Opinium survey by World Travel Protection reveals:

  • 47% of frequent business travellers experience increased stress and burnout.
  • 58% of younger travellers (18-34) report high anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Over a third (35%) feel their organizations don’t support their wellbeing.

Employer Support Strategies:

  1. Pre-Trip Preparations: Providing medical and country-specific intelligence helps employees feel prepared and secure.
  2. Communication Support: Encouraging daily family or next-of-kin video calls can mitigate feelings of isolation.
  3. Mental Health Tools: Offering wellness or meditation apps can aid in stress management.
  4. Emergency Plans: Having robust action plans for emergencies ensures employees feel protected and supported.

The Rise of ‘Bleisure’ Travel:

Many travelers incorporate leisure time into their business trips, a trend known as ‘bleisure’ travel, to enhance their overall happiness and reduce burnout. Nearly 28% of surveyed employees feel less stressed if allowed a personal day during a trip, and 27% would be more likely to remain with a company offering such flexibility. Psychologist Patrea O’Donoghue suggests that exploring local culture and setting boundaries can help travellers decompress and recharge, leading to better wellbeing and productivity.

By implementing these strategies, employers can significantly improve the mental health and job satisfaction of their business travelers, fostering a more supportive and productive work environment.

Source: (

Singapore Firms Embraces Pay Transparency

A recent report by AON shows that 5 in 10 companies are conducting pay equity analysis, with 65% having strategies in place.

In doing the Pay Equity Analysis, the top factors Singapore firms look into are job family, experience/gender, and performance rating. 

Despite challenges like budget allocation and leadership buy-in, the drive is strong, fueled by regulation, peer practices, and DEIB policies.

Source: (

Expo 2025: Pasona Group to Debut Cartilage Conduction Tech for Workspaces of Tomorrow

Pasona Group, the parent company of Pasona Singapore, is teaming up with CCH Sound and Nara Medical University to showcase a novel hearing technology at Expo 2025. This “cartilage conduction” method transmits sound through vibrations in the ear cartilage, keeping the ear canal open for comfort and environmental awareness.

The Pasona NATUREVERSE pavilion will feature staff intercoms and guided tour earphones utilizing this technology. This collaboration aims to develop new cartilage conduction products and introduce them into workplaces, fostering a healthier and more comfortable work style for the future.

Read more about PASONA NATUREVERSE Pavilion at EXPO 2025

Disclaimer: Please use the information provided in this newsletter at your own discretion and risk. We are not responsible for any losses incurred by users in relation to the information provided in this newsletter and we seek your understanding. 

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HR News Update – June 2024

Latest MC issuance Updates. Significance of workplace fairness for SMEs, methods to tackle stress and burnout among frequent travelers, and the increasing adoption of pay transparency in Singapore firms.

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